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  • Wind turbine capture


    AXA Africa Specialty Risks plays its part in helping energy producers & lenders, by providing risk transfer solutions specifically designed for the Energy sector.

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  • Introduction


    Economic growth is driving up demand for energy across Africa, and spurring investment in power generation projects including renewable energy projects based on geothermal, solar, hydro and wind technology.

    As an industry leader, AXA is at the forefront of action and research on climate risks. You can read about AXA's thoughts in our White Paper; 'Contributing to the sustainable energy transition, AXA’s perspective as a global insurer'.

  • Our Approach

    AXA Africa Specialty Risks aims to safeguard the flows of foreign capital that will build Africa’s energy security. We can provide innovative solutions for the full range of projects and developments in the energy sector, including medium and small scale power generation facilities that help to spur economic development on the ground and encourage energy independence on a local level.

    Our energy and construction underwriters benefit from engineering backgrounds, so we offer the technological know-how that is crucial to understanding the market. Our underwriting model is designed to adapt to the dynamic forces shaping the renewable energy market in Africa, building on AXA’s own experience of the sector in Europe. In our analyses, we account for the backward, and forward-looking, data available in order to pinpoint each risk factor, counting on the expertise of more than 170 engineers from our specialist risk management arm, AXA MATRIX:

  • Upstream

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    Upstream, Construction and Liabilities

    We offer coverage from initial design, to the development stage, through to operation for a broad range of energy assets, including:

    • Operating platforms
    • Shipyard infrastructure
    • Pipelines and sub-sea installations
    • Mobile offshore drilling units
    • Onshore rigs
    • Contractor equipment

    We ensure control of well, covering risks that include physical damage, business interruption and extra expenses resulting from well blowout, redrilling, cleanup, pollution and litigation.

    Maximum Line Sizes:

    Energy Upstream: US$250 million

    Energy Upstream Construction: US$250 million

  • Solar panels

    Renewable Energy

    We offer construction coverage for renewable energy projects, including:

    • Offshore and onshore wind farms

    • Photovoltaic plants

    • Biofuel plants

    • Hydropower projects

    In addition, we provide coverage for risks to operation, such as physical damage and business interruption. Using power metric insurance and power-purchase agreements, we can insure against the risk of non-delivery of power from renewable energy plants – thus covering the risk of fines or loss of revenue as a result of adverse weather.

    Maximum Line Size: US$100 million

  • Midstream and Downstream

    We offer risk coverage of physical damage, machinery breakdown and business interruption for downstream projects (such as refineries and petrochemical plants) and midstream energy business (such as larger gas plants, onshore pipelines, distribution and storage facilities). We provide cover both on a standalone basis and in conjunction with upstream risks.

    Maximum Line Sizes:

    Energy Downstream: US$50 million

    Energy Midstream: US$100 million

  • Our Energy Underwriters

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