Upstream, Construction and Liabilities
From development conception through to operation, we offer coverage for a broad range of energy asset types: operating platforms, shipyard owners, pipelines and sub-sea installations, mobile offshore drilling units, onshore rigs and contractor equipment.
Coverage offered includes physical damage, business interruption and control of well.

Maximum Line Sizes
Energy Upstream : US $ 250m
Energy Upstream Construction : US $ 250m

Renewable Energy
In addition to providing physical damage and business interruption coverage for operating risks, we can also provide construction coverage for renewable energy projects including: offshore and onshore wind farms, photovoltaic plants, bio fuel plants and hydro generation projects.

Maximum Line Size US $100m

Midstream and Downstream
We offer physical damage, machinery breakdown and business interruption coverage for downstream (refineries, petrochemical plants) and midstream energy business (larger gas plants, onshore pipelines, distribution and storage facilities), both on a standalone basis and in conjunction with upstream risks.

Maximum Line Sizes
Energy Downstream : US $50m
Energy Midstream : US $100m

We provide products for operational power plants as well as an engineering portfolio. For the power and oil and gas industries, our main focus is on Erection All Risks.

Maximum Line Sizes
Energy Engineering : US $100m
Operational Power : US $60m