Political Risk and Trade Credit

Our Offer
Our offer includes CEND (Confiscation, Expropriation, Nationalisation & Deprivation), CCP (Construction Contractors Plant), contract frustration and trade credit, including non-payment and non-delivery by public and private obligors. It also includes exchange transfer, non-honouring of documentary letters of credit and the wrongful calling of on-demand bonds.
We also cover war on land and political violence in conjunction with the other perils written.

Asset risks
We protect fixed assets, including factories, mines and other industrial investments against expropriation and licence cancellation. We’ll also cover mobile assets, including heavy plant equipment, stocks of commodities and generator sets against confiscation and wilful destruction.

Contract risks
We protect against non-payment for goods or services provided to emerging countries, as well as letters of credit or guarantees offered by local banks or government entities. We also protect against the non-delivery of pre-paid goods or services. This typically relates to the delivery of basic primary commodities produced in emerging market countries.

Targeted markets
We target business originating from trade finance banks, commodity traders, telecoms companies, exporters, construction companies and temporary power generators. We insure risks throughout the developing world and offer a long-term security of purchasing a non-cancellable policy with a policy period of up to 7 years.

Maximum Line Sizes
Political Risks : US $60m
Trade Credit : US $30m